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Some frequently asked questions by users
and IT staff
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What type of application is Completions Manager?

Completions Manager is a specialist CAD application using AutoCAD or BricsCAD. 

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The Completions Manager program is installed on the client PC along with the CAD product itself.

Depending on the system specification required Petrofocus normally supply either AutoCAD or BricsCAD with Completions Manager. 

Is Completions Manager compliant with Citrix?

How is the Completions Manager data stored?
Completions Manager data is stored in the DWG format used by both AutoCAD and BricsCAD. Data in this case means the drawings themselves, which would normally be saved to a shared network location. 

Does Completions Manager require any external database
such as Oracle?

Not for the standard implementation. There is an optional add-in that
can be custom configured to import data from large corporate databases.

How does the Concurrent Network Licence Manager work?
It uses Autodesk's version of FLEXlm licence manager. This normally
resides on a dedicated licence server and distributes the available
licences to whoever needs them.

Can we combine the AutoCAD FLEXlm licence with our
existing FLEXlm licences for other software?

No, AutoCAD requires its own separate FLEXlm system. However,
AutoCAD's system will run alongside other licence managers.

How do we know if Completions Manager has all the symbols or
icons required for our completions?

We will review a client's wells prior to delivery and ensure that the necessary symbols are present. In addition, the annual support & maintenance service includes the provision of new symbols required by the client.

Can we create symbols ourselves?
You can draw temporary symbols but these would not have the
characteristics of normal symbols (e.g. multiple display options and
automatic adjustment). We therefore recommend that symbol
requirements are passed to us for inclusion as regular Completions
Manager symbols in the next update.

Do I have to know AutoCAD or BricsCAD to use Completions Manager?
No, Completions Manager uses AutoCAD or BricsCAD as its graphics engine but knowledge of CAD is not required to use the Completions Manager software.

Is Completions Manager supported on Windows 10?
Yes, Completions Manager is supported on Windows 7 through to Windows 10.
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