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Completions Manager gives the optimum combination of automated features and user-driven control
Features of Petrofocus Completions Manager™
Handles all types of completion schematic
Completions Manager’s flexibility combined with an effective support mechanism ensures that all types of wellbore schematics and related diagrams
can be represented.

Comprehensive library of completion equipment symbols
Over 3,000 symbols representing well completion equipment and related items such as casing and liners, perforations, DST strings, wellhead and
xmas trees, lithology, wireline strings, casing cleanup tools etc.

features 1

Intelligent sizing
Completions Manager tracks the current symbol size and places the correct size automatically.

features 2

Multiple display options
Changing display modes allows you to clearly distinguish inner strings (e.g. velocity strings, insert valves and plugs etc.) from the outer strings.

features 3

Automated drawing
The software automatically places the symbols and their descriptions so the user doesn't have to worry about correct positioning. Control lines and cables
are added for relevant equipment types such as safety valves, downhole gauges and ESP assemblies.

Fast editing
Completion items can be inserted and replaced easily using the software's automatic String Adjustment feature

Easy data input
Commonly used data such as Size, Maker, Type, ID and OD can be saved and re-used. This helps to speed up the whole process and also ensures that
completion data is presented in a standardised manner. Once entered, just double-click on any part of the text to edit it.

features 4

Easy data exchange
Subassembly drawings can be quickly imported to create new well completion schematics. Using the optional Excel Import / Export module, data can
be imported from Microsoft Excel tallies or exported to Excel spreadsheets. In addition, Completions Manager diagrams can be easily exported to
Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF.

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