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Completions Manager gives the optimum combination of automated features and user-driven control
Benefits of Implementing Petrofocus Completions Manager™
Clear visuals
Wellbore diagrams can often be difficult to understand, leading to costly mistakes during workovers. Over a period of years, operators often find
themselves with widely varying diagram layouts and decreasing confidence in the accuracy of their data.

The primary function of well diagram software is to present graphical information in a clear, unambiguous manner. Each Completions Manager drawing
provides a realistic representation of wells within a standard corporate layout that is ideal for the diverse range of people who need to refer to them.

Fast and easy to use
Many engineers spend far too long creating diagrams, either by entering data into unwieldy databases or manually adjusting symbols in Excel.

Using our comprehensive symbol libraries and automated drawing features, Completions Manager allows engineers to create drawings quickly
and easily without compromising on quality.

Follows the business process
Completions Manager complements the business process whilst recognizing the limitations of data exchange between all concerned- the
operator, service companies, contractors and government officials.

It allows engineers to follow the entire life cycle of a well from a proposed well design through to completion sub-assemblies, "as run"
completions, workovers and abandonment or suspension.

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